Oswald Smith

Oswald Smith

Age: 16
Lives: Cape Town, South Africa
Favourite discipline: Freestyle, Wave, Race
Kite: Razor Team or Varial X Race
Board: FS Team, Compact and Monaro
Favourite spot: Anywhere in Cape Town, Mauritius
Best Result: 2012 South African Overall Champion, 2012 SA Open Course Champ, 2012 SA open freestyle champ 2012 SA vice open wave champ, 2012 Night racing series open champion, 2012 Vice european youths champion 2012 3d place in South African SUP junior championship, 2012 Downwind dash junior champion, 2011 2nd overall SAKT tour, Maputo open 2nd freestyle 1st in racing, 2nd overall on the 2011 night racing series

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