We have spent another year infusing our passion for kiteboarding and design into our new product range.  The outcome – as we hope you’ve come to expect – is a new level of attention to detail, refinement and real innovation.

Building on the success of key kite models such as the Lithium, Varial –X and Razor, we have evolved the products as much as possible for 2013, while making significant steps in further developing the Smartbar.

Introducing a completely new model to our surf range with the Cypher, we worked with Bear Karry to combine his love of strapless riding and surfing into a model that excels in the real world of light winds or less-than-perfect wave conditions. This is complemented by our new dedicated Wave kite, featuring our groundbreaking Aramid Load Frame which combines key flying characteristics not found in the market before.

Three years ago when we introduced the first Sector, we had some idea of the potential of this market. This scene has exploded and we have been able to evolve the carving and race side of the directional market simultaneously.

Lead by our teams’ passion for freestyle as the cutting edge of expression, we now introduce an evolution of the FS team and Razor team (featuring the Aramid Load frame) alongside an all-new Livewire – as the new breed of wakestyle.

Ultimately every product has its highlights, tweaks and changes to add to your riding experience.  We look forward to sharing another year of stoke.

Enjoy the new collection.