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Our focus on the 2015 Compact was to develop the ultimate all round shape. The longer outline has improved the drive through the bottom turn without losing any of that classic Compact throw around factor.

The vee bottom in the tail area allows for smooth rail to rail transitions, while the wider nose area in the entry rocker of the board, help increase planning speed over flat sections, maintaining the low end of a much longer board.

The Compact RAW is focused towards the strapless rider, removing all strap  inserts and deck pads to greatly decrease the weight.  In addition, the Compact RAW uses a minimal rail graphic giving riders the option to customize the board as they wish, making their board completely different to the rest.

The premium Active versions feature a 5-box configuration, with an option of 4 fins for onshore or more drive or 3 fins for down the line riding.

Available in:

5’7″x18 “x2″  22L

5’9″x19 1/2″x2 1/2″ 26L

5’11″x19 3/4″x 2.5″ 30L


// All round performance
// High Speed driving turns
// Compact outline for maximum snap
// Straps and Optional Deck Pad Included
// FCS Fusion Box
// Ridden Strapped or Strapless
// Available in Flytech, RAW and Active Construction

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The Lab



The Key to the Active Stringers Strength is the stiff and ultra lightweight carbon I-beam through the center of the board. This prevents the board from over flexing and damaging the laminate when flexing beyond the working range. The secret to the Active Technology flex is the high memory polypropylene layer, that allows the full bi-axial carbon skins to flex and compress within the working range. The combination gives a perfect blend of maximum flex, with maximum durability.



Tips & Tuning

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