Sector V5

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54x175 cm 30L | 60x185 cm 33L


The Sector range is the most well known and innovative lightwind freeride board on the market. The very first in the widebody revolution, the Sector boasts extremely early planning, comfortable ride, and fun to cruise in the lightest of conditions.

Featured in two sizes, the Sector 54 and 60, these boards were overall improved in maneuverability along with stability at speed. These all-around boards are a blast to use in all types of conditions.

The ultimate carving machine, the Sector 54 v5 draws the perfect line between blistering straight-line speed and high G turning. The Sector 54 is ideal for smaller riders looking for a light-wind machine or a larger rider in windier conditions.

The innovative Sector 60 is the origin of the widebody revolution, bringing wide light-wind boards to the masses. In its 5th evolution, the Sector 60 remains the most user-friendly and diverse board in the Sector range. At 60 cm wide, the Sector is extremely comfortable and quick to plane for the lightest session. A tri fin configuration makes the Sector 60 V5 extremely comfortable to use in higher speeds and gives the smoothest carving.

As racing has evolved we have risen to the challenge of developing a board that covers a broad range of conditions, from an easy to use dedicated upwind race board to perfect light and medium wind slalom. The new Sector One Design opens competition to the masses, while comfortable enough to ride for fun on your days off.

The Sectors feature a unique progressive ride configuration where all sizes have a cohesive feel but become more manoeuvre oriented in the smaller sizes, and more lightwind and racing oriented in the bigger sizes. Each board if offered with an optimized fin set for its primary use, and with the option to change the fin sets to vary the key performance characteristics.

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