Slayer V2

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54x155 cm 24L | 58x165 cm 27L



Based on the success of the innovative Slayer, the Slayer V2 was developed to offer an increased level of performance for Flatwater lightwind and strapless riding.

For the Slayer V2 we have worked to enhance the maneuverability, stability at speed and “throw around factor” in the air. This is achieved through greatly reducing weight and volume, new fin positioning and new lower aspect fins designs. A larger grab rail and new deck pad makes the Slayer V2 even easier to jump and flip.

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Tips & Tuning

The Slayer V2 was inspired by the Airush Sector series.  The board that started the widebody revolution which has grown into something much larger than straighline freeride or racing.  The Slayer has taken many of these Sectors attributes to something that is lively, snappy, and fun to play with while still being able to ride in such lightwinds.