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One Size: 48-41cm Adjustable



We completely redesigned the control bar from the ground up working closely with Alex Pastor and our Pro team. The key philosophy was to create the absolute minimalist bar that focuses purely on function and bombproof durability. The small diameter bar features heavy duty flying lines, larger chicken loop, custom size adjustments and a shorter throw with a functional strap system. Perfect for any aspiring freestyle or wakestyle rider.

// Designed Specifically for Wake and Freestyle riders
// Ultra Narrow Diameter Grip
// Includes XL Freestyle Chicken Loop
// Shorter bar throw (10cm shorter than the Smart Bar)
// Minimal Strap System
// 48-41cm Width Adjustment
// Screw Mounted Bar end enables the customer to trim their bar to the required length.
// 400kg lines on all lines
// 5 Line = 20+2m Total line length
// LOW Y Single Line Flag Out
// Industry Standard Pushaway Brain Quick Release
// Minimal Diameter PU depower Line

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The Lab



The Quick Release is crucial to the safety of a rider. Airush considers this a priority of functionality, safety and intuitive use for quick and natural response. This industry standard push away system is lightweight, strong, easy to release, and quick to assemble after activating.

In addition to safety, the Airush Brain includes features to minimize interference and hassles of lines while riding. The spinning collar allows for smooth and easy untangling your lines after landing tricks. While an integrated safety line through the Brain provides a less intrusive design when riding at full safety mode or suicide-with-safety mode.




Featured on the AP and Diamond bar is the all-new Narrow Diameter Grip. The Narrow Diameter Grip is perfectly comfortable for smaller hands or for riders looking to do constant handle passes.

23 mm AP and Diamond Bar

26 mm Standard Smart and Analog Bar



The Airush Soft Touch is a durable rubber molding encasing the bar ends. With a softer bar end, the Soft Touch prevents surfboard dings while adding an element of safety and comfort.



The Low Y System allows for single front line flag out system. This provides a safe way of shutting off the power of your kite when the safety is engaged. In addition to improving safety, the Low Y increases the angle of the front lines, which avoids unnecessary pinching or folding of the kite. This results in the wingtips become looser and move more independently, greatly increasing the manoeuvrability, turning speed and response of the kite.

Tips & Tuning

The AP Bar has been a work in progress over the past few years.  This bar was designed with Alex Pastor and the other team riders over months of customizing their own bars for riding.  For 2015, we took all of these tweaks and adjustments that the Pros had on their own customized bars into one perfect freestyle/wakestyle bar for the market.  Any serious rider will love this bar!