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One Size: 62-55-52-45cm Adjustable



Returning as the most versatile bar on the market, the Smartbar 6 features a new directional grooving pattern that helps you hang on through all conditions with maximum grip and comfort.

Developed as the first ever bar that has four length adjustments, the Smartbar can be changed from 45-55 or 52-62 with simple and easy changes. This allows the bar to be used from our absolutely smallest kite to the largest kite in the Airush range.

The PU coated depower line makes sheeting in and out effortless with two minimal diameter tubing. This PU coated line extends the lifespan of the centerline increasing the reliability of all Airush bars.

The Airush Bars has safety as first priority. An industry standard Brain Quick release and color-coding on all parts makes the Airush system perfect and hassle free for all riders. Continuing for 2015, the LOW Y on the center–lines allows for a quick single line flag out for those situations where you need it the most.

Available in 4 Line, 5 Line, and Race.

// Fits all Airush Kites from largest to smallest
// Adjustable 62-55-52-45cm Widths
// New Grip
// New Line Length segments (20+4m Length)
// Heavy duty 400kg front lines, 250kg outside lines
// LOW Y Single Line Flag Out
// Industry Standard Pushaway Brain Quick Release
// Minimal Diameter PU depower Line
// Pull-Pull Adjustable Trim Strap

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The Lab



The Quick Release is crucial to the safety of a rider. Airush considers this a priority of functionality, safety and intuitive use for quick and natural response. This industry standard push away system is lightweight, strong, easy to release, and quick to assemble after activating.

In addition to safety, the Airush Brain includes features to minimize interference and hassles of lines while riding. The spinning collar allows for smooth and easy untangling your lines after landing tricks. While an integrated safety line through the Brain provides a less intrusive design when riding at full safety mode or suicide-with-safety mode.




The Smartbar 6 features a truly unique system with 4 full size options in a single bar. With a few simple and quick changes between the all-new bar ends and the exclusive pin adjustment system, the Airush Smartbar gives the rider the option of a 45-52-55–62 length bar. The Airush Smartbar can be used on all Airush inflatable kites from our biggest race kite to our smallest freeride kite.




The Airush Soft Touch is a durable rubber molding encasing the bar ends. With a softer bar end, the Soft Touch prevents surfboard dings while adding an element of safety and comfort.



The Low Y System allows for single front line flag out system. This provides a safe way of shutting off the power of your kite when the safety is engaged. In addition to improving safety, the Low Y increases the angle of the front lines, which avoids unnecessary pinching or folding of the kite. This results in the wingtips become looser and move more independently, greatly increasing the manoeuvrability, turning speed and response of the kite.

Tips & Tuning

The Smartbar is the only bar in kiteboarding that can fit on an entire range of kites.  It is ideal for riders looking for an immense amount of customization and adjustabitilty with the primary focus of getting the most out of an Airush kite.

What has changed in 2015 Smartbar 6?

New Grip. Although we still have the subtle finger bumps that have been inspired by Ski Poles and Motocross bike grips, we updated the grip texture which ultimately reduces the diameter of the bar slightly.  You will instantly notice the change when you grab onto a Smartbar 6.

New Line Lengths. Customization is priority when using a Smartbar and although there are many bars out there that are sold with 1 single length, the Airush Smartbar 6 gives you 2 size options between 24 and 20m line length. (one 4m extension)   This option is given for those who wish to fine tune their specialized riding.  For lighter winds and freeriding, it is ideal to use the 24m line lengths to give you the most range and comfort.  For those who are looking for a quicker responding kite, the 20m line length is ideal.

Check the Size Recomendations within each kites wind graph to have the best suited bar length for your size kite.