02/02/2015 | Slayer Trick Tip – 1-footer with a late 360 shov-it to toeside

Reider Decker is notorious for being the first in landing some new strapless moves in Kiteboarding. This is no different.
Reider goes step by step through his new move 1-footer with a late 360 shov-it to toeside…that is a mouth full.

Flip through the sequence above!

Check out the full video clip here: https://vimeo.com/117056289

1. Pop off the water.

2. Point the board into the wind similar to the start of a strapless back-roll.

3. Begin taking your back foot off and reaching to grab the tail of the board.

4. Kick your back foot out and grad the tail of the board.

5. Push to tail of the board downwind to start the board spin.

6. Keep pressure on your front foot to keep the board underneath you.

7. When the board is coming around for the last rotation, bring your body around with the board body into a toe-side stance.

8. Make sure to keep weight centered over the board for a smooth landing