03/11/2015 | Tech Tip: Changing your lines

A helpful little tutorial on how to change your lines from your Airush bar. We use the Airush Core Bar as an example but can be applied to all Airush bars. It is quick and easy, even though this is a basic tech tip, it is always good to know how to keep your bar nice and fresh after long periods of use.  Although you might have to replace one line, it is recommended for you to replace all of your lines or at least the opposite line you are replacing.  For Example: If you replace your red line you will also need to replace your grey line.


It is best to lay out all of your lines and seperate them as if you are rigging up your kite.  This will help avoid any tangling.


As you finish laying out your bar, you will want to lay out the new line sets.


Replacing your outside (rear) lines starts by removing the float.


Lift the floats to reveal the knot which you will loosen (standard larks head).


Remove the larks head knot.


Remove the Dyneema Flying line from the thicker leader line (spectra line).


Pull the flying line through the float (away from the bar) to remove the line and replace with the new line.


Feed the new line into the bar float.


Replacing the center lines starts with removing the grey spectra line attached to the center line.

_MG_5978_MG_5980 _MG_5981_MG_5982

Replace the old center line with the new replacement.

_MG_5983 _MG_5984 _MG_5985 _MG_5986

To remove the safety red line first remove the leash ring first and pull the red line through the Brain Quick Release.


Pull the red line out from the center line.

_MG_5988 _MG_5989 _MG_5990

Replace the old center line with the new center line.


The Airush Pigtails are extremely robust but are removable on all Airush kite bars.

This allows you to replace pigtails when you need to rather than replacing entire line sets.