2012 Airush Lab – Surf Series

2012 Airush Lab – Surf Series

January 30 2012 / 1 comment

Sometimes it’s an Apples to Oranges thing when comparing Surf designs.  For 2012,  Airush has 4 different surf shapes and the most common questions with first time buyers is “what’s the difference?”.  By comparing specific sizes rather than general shapes we are able to show you the best comparison between the surf designs.

So, before checking out below, read All You Need To Know About Wave Boards if you haven’t.  It will help you make sense of what is going on!

Click the images to enlarge!

Check out the Airush Compact in action!

Check out the Airush Quad in action!

Check out the Airush Choptop in action!

  1. Jakob
    February 05 2012

    Hey! Thx for the details in your surf-lab post. I think I´ll update my old 5,3 Choptop to a new bigger one since I´m actually very happy with the shape of this board. But still I´m not quite sure which size I should take: 5,6 or 5,8. I have 180cm and 68kg and I´m mostly out in onshore (sometimes sideshore) conditions from 15-30kn. Since I´m planning to go to Brasil or Indo in summer it would be nice to carry just one board fpr kiting and paddle, so that would speak for the 5,8. But I´m not sure if I can control this size with my weight in stronger winds … ? Greetz, Jakob


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