2012 Airush Lithium interview with Mark Pattison

2012 Airush Lithium interview with Mark Pattison

November 18 2011 / 0 comments

Airush Kite Designer, Mark Pattison, answers some questions that a lot of the local riders have been asking when we tell them that the Lithium kite has improved.  Click here to check out the test results from Kiteboarding and Kiteworld Magazine.

How has the Lithium been improved through construction redesign?

-       The Lithium has been improved through out performance, and strength/construction. We made the kite 3 strut now, instead of  4, which allows us to put more Dacron and strength into the canopy, seeing as we can save weight from having less struts.

-       Also the kite flies faster and has more power due to the position of the struts. The wingtip strut has moved upward, which we found is a more important place to have a long chord to help in turning the kite. The center strut also increases power by having a longer chord in that section which is the primary area that gives power to the kite.

How has the Lithium increased in turning speed?

The turning speed of the Lithium has increased mainly because of moving the wingtip strut further up on the kite. We have found that increasing the area of cloth in this part of the kite, really enhances its steering speed.

Also the balance of weight in the kite, if you think about how the kite actually has to lift one side physically upward in a turn, pivoting from the center of the canopy.  If it only has to lift one strut, instead of two side struts, than naturally it will turn faster.

What did you change in the Lithium to Increase the Low End?

The low end power was increased by making the center of the kite slightly longer, which we were able to do by having the center strut. Also having the gap where the two struts were on last years design, allows the canopy to create a slightly bigger profile in that area to increase lift and therefore power.


Was there improvement on relaunching?  Was it attributed to the change in Struts?

The relaunch is helped also by adding the wingtip struts. It provides the kite with a better position to help it “Roll over relaunch” because the canopy is slightly longer at that point.


Why did you decrease the bar pressure in the 2012 kite?

The bar pressure decreased a little bit just as a fashion thing, people seem to want less bar pressure these days, so we managed to reduce it a bit, but still keep the full flag out depower.


The 14LW looks a lot different the Lithium LW 13 and 15 of 2011.  What changes were made to make this kite a Lightwind Specific design?

The New 14 LW was changed back to the original lithium style platform as we found with the reduced struts, we had reduced weight and therefore a big kite with a lot of power, but still with really fast turning.

Check out the Gallery of Mark Pattison testing the 2012 Airush Lithium.


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