2013 Airush Lithium Review

2013 Airush Lithium Review

November 09 2012 / 6 comments

So every year we see some amazing tests from the Lithium and this year is no different.  Kiteworld, the largest international kite magazine in publication, released this 2013 Airush Lithium review in the issue #59!   Check out issue #60 that just came out with some more reviews!

Comments that popped out to us were things like…

“…hassle free and quick relaunch.”
“ The Lithium turns with purpose and responds smoothly, generating a nice, constant feel through the turn.”
“The big air ability is huge and easy to access”
“Balanced, well behaved and predictable, this really is a do-it-all kite.”

This seems to be right on the money from what we hear from our Lithium customers everyday!

Click on the review and then the top right corner for full size.

Read the review and take one for a spin!

2013 Airush Lithium from Airush on Vimeo.

Check out the Promo Video!

  1. Brian
    November 09 2012

    I have the 2013 8m DNA and can say that it handles just as well as the Lithium but without the one pump system. I would probably go so far to say that my 8m has “Perfect DNA!!”

    They are such fun kites for the everyday rider and the new low pressure front line setting with the new adjustable bar ends is short of brilliant. I think everyone should try either the Lithium or simplified DNA. To speak on the top end of this kite I had the 2011 8m Lithium and it would deform at 35 knots but I can still hold on to this years kite at that wind speed. You can take this kite and create a 2 kite quiver, 12m and 8m or for a smaller person a 10m and a 6m would do it. Can’t wait to snowkite with these babies!

    Ride hard and have fun!!

  2. Markus
    July 06 2013

    I have been using the 16 meter One Strut kite at Sherman Island, CA. It rips. I “down-loop” my kite in my transitions because I like to carve with power. The day before yesterday I went out on 20 meter lines, in about 20 knots of wind, to test the upper limit of this kite. I weigh about 220 lbs, and have surfed my whole life – grew up surfing big waves on Oahu, in my teens. This kite has so much range, that it was fully controllable in 20+ knots of wind. I’ve also been able to fly it in 12 to 17 knots with excellent results. I think the “delta hybrid” design allows this kite to pivot on its own axis. I suggest that anyone try this technique – just fly the kite low over the water, and then grab the line with your hand – don’t bother using the bar, that is too slow. Once the kite completes the down-loop, or down-pivot, you can let go of the bar, and as the kite accelerates across the window, you just lay into either a toe-side carve, or backside carve, and just follow the kite. Too much fun!!! This technique allows me to re-live my youth, surfing double-overhead Sunset Beach. The fully-powered toe-side carve is plenty close to the same feeling as laying into a full-rail bottom turn on a sizable wave at Sunset.

  3. Markus
    July 06 2013

    Once the kite is flying in the opposite direction,…at a slightly upward angle, you can let go of the bar, and the bar will do a quick 360, and you can grab it again. Sort of like a no-hands speed-jibe from back in the wind-surfing days. The kite is so stable, that it is no problem to let go of the bar – you will have plenty of time to finish your carve and then grab the bar again.

  4. Markus
    July 08 2013

    I have been riding the 16 meter one strut kite in about 17-20 knots of wind. I’ve been using short lines, and down-looping during my transitions….which is my personal style. The kite has huge depower, which allows for this aggressive style of kiting. The overall design of the kite allows for very precise handling, which also allows for aggressive kiting, since the more control you have the harder you can ride. This an excellent kite, and since I weigh 220 lbs, I highly recommend it to big aggressive riders who have a committed style. It will not let you down.


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