Airush Introduces the Sector V3

Airush Introduces the Sector V3

March 15 2012 / 55 comments

Airush International – Cape Town, South Africa – March 15, 2012

All Photos by Toby Bromwich


The next evolution of the original widebody, Airush introduces the Sector V3.  Whether carving, cruising or racing, there’s a Sector that fits your world.


The V3 series has been entirely redesigned based on the feedback of existing and potential Sector riders to meet the wants and needs of the new generation of rider demanding versatility in the Sector.


Staying in the fleet is the Sector V3 60 as the benchmark of the newest Sector V3 66 and the updated Sector V3 54 with also major changes in the boards deck shape, fin positions and options, and tail design.


With the development of new lightwind experiences and the emergence of the carving category, the Airush R&D team spent numerous hours designing a concept called the Progressive Ride Configuration to maximize the capabilities of each board.


What is the Progressive Ride Configuration?

The Sectors feature a unique system where all sizes have a cohesive feel but become more maneuver oriented in the smaller sizes, and more light wind and racing oriented in the bigger sizes. Each board is offered with an optimized fin set for its primary use, and with the option to change the fin sets to vary the key performance characteristics.



Sector V3 54

Introducing the ultimate carving machine, the Sector 54 draws the perfect line between blistering straightline speed and eyeball popping turning.  There narrower design is perfect for flat water carving and blasting, high speed slalom, and optimal lightwind performance for lighter riders.



The new stepped combination tail has a unique design that blends mauverability and stability at high speeds.



The Sector v3 54 features a stock fin option ready for carving.



The optional race fin set is ideal for maximum stability and tactical upwind riding perfect for slalom.



Sector V3 60

The design team set out to make a board that was both faster and easier to turn than the legendary Sector 60 V2.  As the original widebody concept, the Sector V3 60 is ideal for lightwind freerace and freeride, all round slalom and carving and cruising.



The new stepped combination tail has a unique design that blends mauverability and stability at high speeds.



The stock quad fin set found on the Sector V3 60 is optimal for lightwind comfort and cruising. 



An updated single back fin made available for increased maneuverability for riders looking for a looser feeling board.



The optional tri fin carver set (Tuttle Box) is ideal for the most maneuverable ride. 



Sector V3 66

The Sector 66 takes the light-wind aspects of the Sector to another level, with the race inspired Tri fin configuration for efficiency and Sector shape fundamental for perfect ease of use.  The largest in the range, the Sector V3 66 was made for heavier riders looking for the ultimate freerace and slalom shape or medium weight riders lookings for the earliest planning board possible.



For a more race inspired design, the Sector V3 66 features a stepped squash tail for increased control in light or heavier winds.



The standard tri fin configuration is perfect for a blend of speed, maneuverability, and efficiency.


The quad set has been designed to increase speed and upwind ability.




Action Video

Tech Video

  1. Dan Turner (24-7 Boardsports)
    March 16 2012

    Hi Airush – New boards look great :D Will the 60 & 66 be supplied with blanking plates to cover the fin boxes which are unused with the standard fin configurations supplied?


    Dan 24-7

    • Marc
      March 16 2012

      Hey Dan!

      YEP there will be plugs provided for the boxes that won’t be used.


  2. Ocean Vagabond Dakhla
    April 18 2012

    hey guys i would love to give this carving machine a shot. Do you have anyone test driving them in Morocco.
    We run Ocean Vagabond Dakhla

    • Marc
      April 24 2012

      Hi Ocean Vagabond, The closest Sector V3 you will find will be in Tarifa, Spain. Most of these boards are sold before arrival so the chances of demos would be hard!
      I will email you directly with further information.

  3. Mark collar
    April 19 2012

    When can I get a sector v3?

    • Marc
      April 24 2012

      Hi Mark,

      All major European and North American distributors have their first batches arriving this week. You should be able to contact any major Airush retailers and inquire about the Sector V3. They will be able to let you know what and when they can get it. Many of the boards have been sold out before the container has arrived so it is best to inquire immediately.

  4. Alec Gastélum
    April 21 2012

    Kite-board… an amazing thing

  5. Laurent
    May 02 2012


    I am hesitating between 60 and 66. What would you recommend for 115kg rider, beginner to intermediate level ? First objective is peaceful cruising in light wind, when I can not use my 144cm twintip. Tks

  6. Dan Turner (24-7 Boardsports)
    May 08 2012

    Hey Schmidy,

    Just got my V3 66!! Stoked! So quick & easy to use :) Can’t wait to go racing next Sunday now.


    ps – did you try it with the Monaro fin set?

  7. Iulen Agirrebeña
    May 15 2012

    Hi Marc, already some months ago I told you about the potential , I think, The Sector 2 has as a wide surfing board and I asked you for surfing fins for my board.
    Now, I have manufactured an insert which fits the Sector (any sector) fin cavity to install any type of FCS fin. This inserts are removable and they are tight to the board with the same screw system you have for your own fins. Now I can chose to put the 22-18 fins for free race conditions or any FCS fin de pending the wave conditions. Strapless it works very nice.
    I have seen that in the new version V3 of the Sector you already have some carving fins.
    Good job. Anybody interested to see the inserts ?
    Best regards.

  8. sokratis
    May 21 2012


    I am 95 kg, which size is better for me:60 or 66?

    Best regards Sokratis

    • Marc
      May 22 2012

      Hi Sokratis!

      You will definitely want the 66! It will definitely be the light wind weapon for you.


  9. Juan
    May 31 2012

    One question, is it possible to use in sector 60 v3 one single rear strap? I see a free hole just above the rear pad, which along with one of the screws from the back centered box, seems to be used for this purpose but I wanted to be sure.


  10. juan
    June 03 2012

    I reply to myself. Yes you can configure the board with a single rear footstrap. rear centered fin screw and the free hole that comes in the board. Feels great.

  11. Roy
    June 05 2012

    Hola Marc,

    Me podrias decir el precio aproximado de las ” tri fin carver set (Tuttle Box) ” para mi sector 60 v3 ?


    • Marc
      June 11 2012

      Hola Roy

      Póngase en contacto con GBT3 de fijación de precios, por favor.

      G.B.T. – 3 Distribuciones S.L.
      Phone: 34 91 6516636


  12. Ruud
    June 07 2012

    Thanks for making a easy fast race board. Sector 60 and 13m2 where flying in 8knots (85kg).

  13. Mark
    June 07 2012

    What is the difference between fin sets on the 66? The diagrams above show the fin shape to be identical for three or four fins…and only the length of the rear fins is different on the 66… What ships with a 66 race fin set? Is there a difference in canting on the front fins between the sets?

  14. Marc
    June 11 2012

    Hi Mark,

    Hope to answer your questions below.
    - The 66 is shipped with a tri fin configuration. You can order the back fin set separately.
    - The Cant on the front set is 5 deg.

    Best Regards

  15. Ruud
    June 18 2012

    Did my first course race last weekend! With the Sector V3 60. Between the 70cm raceboards. In winds of 18-22 knots I was able to compete in the top group (4th place)! A bit less upwind but winning in the downwind.

  16. Mark
    June 22 2012


    Could you please publish the SKU numbers and specs (count, length, cant angle, etc.) for the race fin sets for each board? Some confusion about what to order.



  17. Richard
    June 29 2012

    Hi I weigh 100kg but hoping to lose some of that soon! :-) But for the moment im trying to decide on board size.Im confused as to what to buy as mainly I want to use the board in Light winds with a 11m or 15m kite but I would like the option of using the board for carving and in the waves.
    Im thinking would a 60 size board with a bigger kite do the same job as the 66 in light winds as if so would it be better to have the agility of the 60?



  18. Stanislav
    July 13 2012

    Hi there
    I am from Bulgaria /Europe
    I am really struggling find a sector v3 66 to use it in BG national course race
    I try in BG dealer in Germany dealer and nothing.
    Please help me if you can to get one of this unique boards.
    Last year I compete on a twin tip and I become 4 overall and second on local race but this year I will need deffenatly a race board. And I don’t want any other board than v3 sector. I watched many videos and reviews and I am sure this board and me will be winners :) )
    So please help me if you can. I have two weeks to first BG national race.
    My number is +35989570007-stan
    Thank youthank you

    • Marc
      July 18 2012

      Hi Stan,

      Doing my best to find you one!

      Best Regards

  19. Terry Bryan
    September 13 2012

    First time hello there, Im a 77year old, heart conditioned, @ 67 kgs and intermediate twin tipper. Just bought a Sector V3 54 and despite lousy winds, either too strong or not enough, had some lovely speedy runs down wind and was thrilled to bits, so different than a twin tip,opens a new world. For very light winds sub 14kts to 10 or 11kts what size kite would your recommend also can where can I find an instruction DVD for the V3? Initial probs just getting up onto the board without tipping front too high, I know, I need lots of practice, but I’d love to see an expert doing basic moves. Best regards, Terry

    • Marc
      September 13 2012

      Hi Terry!

      Wow, you are a legend!
      12m would be a good kite to use at 67 kgs between 10-14knots. There are millions of videos out their of Sector users using 10-14m kites in the margin conditions. Plus i like using a 12m in these conditions because the kite still feels more lively and playful!
      We don’t have a movie unfortunately that would show all the steps on getting up but I think we should! Let me contact some riders to see what we can put together. In the mean time – try the Sector without straps if you are learning to get up on it. That way if you put too much power in or not enough – you won’t be held back by being in the straps. Once you get the idea of diving the kite and getting used to the board initial drag before it picks up speed, then you’ll be read for straps instantly.
      Please take some pictures of you and your board if you get a chance and send it to

      Best Regards
      Marc @ Airush

  20. Terry Bryan
    September 15 2012

    Hi again Marc, Many thanks for your kind comments re getting up and away on my new V4. I will certainly heed your adice and remove the straps initially,well at least the rear solo strap which I can see now causes the tipping up of the front of the board. But once going its a fab sensation and I’m so impatient to get out in good all round conditions. As an oldie I am very often out kiting on my own, no work you see, and in light winds and calm flatish water so less chance ofs me gettsing into probs, therefore this new V3 kind of board opens up all kinds of possibilities. If I can master a few snazzy moves to picture I’ll be pleased to send them. Kindest Regards Terry

  21. Dmitri
    October 11 2012

    I from Russia. Were bay Sector V3? In not SectorV3

  22. Mark
    October 25 2012


    What is the cant on:

    a) the front 54 22cm race fins
    b) the rear 54 18cm race fins
    b) the rear 22cm 66 race fins

    I have both boards (yea!) and am doing some tuning. I have a one set of 22cm race (mini tuttle) fins but am not sure which board they fit.


    • Marc
      October 29 2012

      Hi Mark!

      Both 54 and 66 Sectors? Nice. :)

      All of the Cant on the Sector V3 fin range is at 5 Degrees. (except the rear tri fin postion obviously being straight.)

      Best Regards

  23. Francis
    November 03 2012

    Hi there Marc,
    I have a question regarding the Sector boards. I weigh 130 pounds ( 59kg ) and wanted a board to use for light wind days ( 8 – 13 knots)and also for general fun when it also really blows. Should I go for the 60 or would the 54 also be okay for 10 knot days given my weight ? Also would the 54 be more difficult to handle ? Thanks for any input regarding this. Seems that it is tricky getting these boards in Canada.

    Best regards Francis

    • Marc
      November 06 2012

      Hi Francis,

      What is your big kite?

      I would say at 130lbs and a 14m kite you would be fine with the 54 in 8-13 knots. You also mentioned going in higher winds in which i would definitely say the 54 would be the go as well – a lot easier to handle compared to the 60 based on your weight.
      You might want to consider getting a quad fin set with this to maximize your upwind and planning ability. Then in higher winds you can swap to the tri fin set up.

      Yes it is a tricky board to get your hands on. Most of them are sold before they even arrive so it’s definitely a get-em-while they are hot!

      Best Regards

  24. Costas
    November 07 2012

    Hi Marc,

    I am around 85kg and plan to make a 200km trip accross the Easter Mediterranean on a 12m Lithium and a Sector V3.

    I project wind speeds of around 17-25kn and a wave of 1 – 1.5 high.

    Please recommend to me which of the two larger Sectors would be most appropriate to succesfully complete this 6-7hr trip.

    Best regards,

    • Marc
      November 09 2012

      Hi Costas

      If the lowest you think the windspeeds will be is 17knots with a 12m Lithium I would consider the Sector 60.
      The 60 is fine in 17 knots and the 66 will feel very big in 25!

      Best regards and have a safe trip!


  25. Denis
    November 10 2012

    Hi Marc!

    Eventually I had a chance to do a quick test ride with the 54 and the carving fins! Very nice board! As expected it really combines the best of Racing and Waveriding. It is very fast and goes upwind very well and it carves easily!

    Is it possible to get the Carving Mini Tuttle Tri Fins Set without the board?

    Best Regards from northern Germany!


    • Marc
      November 12 2012

      Hi Denis,

      You can contact your local Airush retailers for Carving Mini Tuttle Fins.

      They would be able to check if these are in stock or a special ordered item.

      This is the product code/description.
      3000130001112 2013 Airush Fin Sector V3 54 Carver Set Mini Tuttle (Tri Fin 20/17cm)

      Hope you are enjoying the North of Germany – take a few swiggs of Flensburg rum for me! :)

      Best Regards,

  26. Mal
    November 20 2012

    Hi Marc

    I want an all round board and can’t decide between the 54 and the 60. I weigh 75kilos and like to have fun on flat water, hit the waves every now and then, coming from a surfing background, and enjoy cruising on open water runs. Does the 54 still go okay through open ocean chop??



    • Marc
      November 20 2012

      Hi Mal,

      The 54 is what we call a Carving board and can handle high chop. Lots of riders in Cape Town use this boards in high wind racing and are a lot more comfortable compared to the 60 or raceboards. It is a very loose board compared to the 60 and it will excel in open ocean chop a bit better than the 60 simply because of its size. A lot of it comes down to the wind you will be using this in. Of course the 60 will be ideal if you are riding in 7-12 knots most of the time but you will lose the maneuverability that the 54 has.

      Best Regards

  27. Mal
    November 20 2012

    Hi Marc

    Thanks for the advice! i live in West Aus. Most of the time I will be riding in 17 – 22 knots so I might go for the 54. Can’t wait to get one!

    Thanks again


    • Marc
      November 20 2012

      Hi Mal,

      If you are out in Perth than in 17-22 knots then definitely a 54. It will be a speed demo in those conditions.


  28. Graham
    November 20 2012

    Hi Marc,

    Into freeride crusing in 6knots all the way up to 25knots – really after just one board. I have 17m dyno 12m, 9m and 7m rebel. weight in at 80kg so I am thinking the 60 for this and just drop to small kite when the wind gets up. Would this be the correct size? Also would it be better on the tri fin or quad?


    • Marc
      November 21 2012

      Hi Graham,

      Thats a big range you would like to take it in but the 60 would be the best board for you for 1 board. It comes standard as a Quad which i prefer because it has better lightwind upwind abilities – We set it as the standard because we felt the 60 performs best in the Quad. Naturally when you go to a trifin the carving gets better which I think you would like in the higher winds that you are planning to use it in.


  29. Bonsoir Marc
    November 20 2012

    Je souhaite investir dans une board V3. J’hésite entre la 54 et la 60.. Je pèse 72 kg… J’ai plusieurs ailes dont une airush lithium en 12 m de 2012 et une flysurfer à caisson en 21m… Je navigue dans le nord de la France (Berck 62600). J’aime le slalom ; la vitesse ; le contrôle ; je veux également une board facile à exploiter : manoeuvrante…. jibe facile et contrôle facile… Merci d’avance pour ta réponse

  30. Graham
    November 27 2012

    Thanks Marc – so would you go for the turtle box or single back for the tri setup? Whats the 60 going to be like in 20-25knots?

  31. Graham
    December 04 2012

    Hi Marc,
    I have been told the 60 v3 is no longer available as the v4 is due out March – Any news on the new v4?

  32. si-fly
    December 19 2012

    Hi, can I fit the v3 54 carver fins (2x front fins) in the v2 52?

    • Marc
      February 01 2013

      Hi Sci, The Carver fins on the 54 V3 are mini tuttle box – just like the V2 52!


  33. Claudio
    January 27 2013

    Hi Marc,

    I have 70 KG and one Cabrilha Ccrosbow LW 13 and another Crossbow LW 18

    Using the sector 54 with the 3 original fins, which will the minimum Low End on crossbows 13 and 18 ?

    If i use the 4 Race optional Fins for Sector 54, what would be the new Low End with this configuration With Crossbow 13 and with Crossbow 18 ?

    Best regards,

    • Marc
      February 01 2013

      Hi Claudio,

      Disclaimer – I have never used the Xbox LW and I am not sure of your abilities in lightwind as is – so I will speak in general experiences so you can make your own choice. :) Hope this helps!

      At 73kg on a VXR I can get going with the 17m in about 8-9knots and the 13m VXR I will start enjoyably cruising around 12-13 knots. The Race fins will add better upwind performance and lift in these lighter conditions which I think will get you going around 2 knots lower in your range.

      If you are using these large kites to go lowest winds possible – I would consider the 60 over the 54. With an 18m kite I recon you will be blasting around in 6-7!

  34. Matt
    February 20 2013

    Recently got a sector v3 60 and its amazing in constant 9mph wind in Cornwall weight 89kg and was flying. Just bought a 18m dyno so will see how low I can get out in.

    Posted this to say that once you’re taken one out you won’t stop smiling and be hooked.

  35. redmaster
    May 27 2013

    hi Marc,
    I have a new Sector v3 60 and is fantastic board, compliment.
    Now I want buy the tri fin carver set tuttle box but in Italy no have.
    You have one european internet shop for buy the optional fins ?
    Thanks for all

  36. Alex
    June 03 2013

    I just receive my first Airush Sector! I had never been so excited for something…ever! I got the Sector V3 54. I also bought the optional Race style fins for more upwind performance. It was windy here yesterday (I received the board on Saturday) so I was so excited to try out the Sector. I installed the straps and began to try and install the fins (Was going to install the standard tri fin rake fins). Unfortunately I ran into a problem. Of the 5 optional holes to install your fins, 3 of them are too small (or I believe they are too small). The back 2 quad fin holes are the right size, but the center tri fin, and the front two fins have smaller holes. (Note: I am not talking about the fins boxes on the bottom of the board, I am referring to the small round holes on the top of the board for the screws) The screws provided only fit in the back two holes. The other 3 the holes are too small. The screws simple sit on top of the hole as they are too big to fall down to the proper spot. And If I wanted to use the washers provided, then it wouldn’t even be close to fitting. I have attached a couple photos. Please let me know if I am doing something wrong. Do I have the wrong screws? Are all the holes supposed to be the same size or is it normal for the back quad holes to be larger? It is windy again today and I don’t wanna miss another day. Please let me know as soon as you can what I should do. I just am dieing to try this grogeous board!
    Thanks so much!

  37. Mark
    March 04 2014

    How can I purchase a replacement fin box for my airush 60 one design? Thank you in advance. Love the board just want to fix it and get back out on it.

    • Marc
      March 18 2014

      Hi Mark,

      The replacement fin boxes are quite standard in any surf/windsurf repair shop. Any windsurf or surf retailer would have contact to one of these repair shops that can assist in repairing/replacing the fin box.


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