Airush Sector One Design Press Release

Airush Sector One Design Press Release

November 16 2011 / 0 comments


Airush introduces the Sector One, the first

One Design Race Class in kiteboarding.

Letting the best rider win.

“We want to build a platform for people to experience racing, be super competitive, and at the same time have a board that is extremely fun to ride in everyday use. The Sector One fits all of that criteria and lets the best rider win, instead of the most expensive gear.” Clinton Filen, Airush Brand Manager.

Cape Town, South Africa: October 17th 2011. Airush announced the first One Design Class in kiteboarding with the Sector One. The class has been developed around the design  of the Sector 60 V2, the innovative model that sparked the widebody revolution.  The design of the Sector makes them ideal for a broad format of racing, both upwind course racing and reaching style boardercross, slalom and long distance.  With confirmed rental fleets in Spain, USA, France, Holland, South Africa and Thailand, the Sector One Design is an excellent platform for kiters to experience racing as well as compete nationally and internationally.

The One design Class will run within regular format course racing or boardercross races under the IKA Rules, as part of the total fleet wherever possible. A separate Sector ranking will be tracked within overall race results.


The concept around the class is to have a single shape that will remain unchanged for two years.


Although a separate Sector One design board will be offered, regular Sector 60 V2 owners will also be able to compete in the same class as the boards are the same shape.

This board is currently undergoing registration with the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA).


Markus Schwendtner, IKA Executive Secretary, commented on the Sector One and the One Design Class.

“We at the IKA are happy to see the development of a feeder class for course racing as it 

proves that we are on the right track with our box rule, which introduces some reasonable

limitation for equipment. Furthermore, freerace boards like the Sector might be the

perfect choice for the up and coming discipline of kitecross/slalom, which should pull a

lot of riders into the sport that are not interested in tactical course racing. This will give

racing surely a huge boost.”


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