Airush Sector V2 Photo Gallery, Reviews, and videos

Airush Sector V2 Photo Gallery, Reviews, and videos

November 18 2011 / 4 comments

Check out the Sector V2 Photo Gallery and reviewsdone by SBC Magazine and Kiteworld Magazine (PDF) this past year.  Definitely a favorite for lightwind freeriders and freeracers.  The Airush Sector V2 is fun to ride and a competitor in your local race series.  Check out how Airush is getting involved with freeracing with the Sector One Design class.

Sector Designer, Clinton Filen, going through the features of the Sector V2

Dave Tyburski riding video.

Independent Shop Review



  1. Iulen Agirrebeña
    November 29 2011

    I own a Sector 52 with which I feel very happy for lightwind riding.
    I am sure the Sector 52 is a super surfing board for small and medium waves always that I could have the chance to change the actual fins for smaller surfing fins. I could make a friend to manufacture then here in Spain, but I would prefer if I could buy them from you.
    Is this possible ?

  2. Marc
    December 01 2011

    Hey Lulen!
    Unfortunately, Airush will not be bringing any wave style fins for the Sector V1 and V2 but we have heard this from many of our customers and will be considering this for future designs. :) But I guess for now i would contact your friend to make you a pair for the Sector 52! Tell us how you like it with wave fins!

    Best Regards,

  3. Iulen Agirrebeña
    December 02 2011

    Hi Marc,

    for sure I will let you know.
    Thank you anyway.

    Best regards.


  4. Iulen Agirrebeña
    May 07 2012

    I told you I would do it and I have. I have manufactures an insert which fits the Sector (any sector) fin cavity to install any type of FCS fin. This inserts are removable and they are tight to the board with the same screw system you have for your own fins. Now I can chose to put the 22-18 fins for free race conditions or any FCS fin de pending the wave conditions. I
    I have seen that in the new version V3 of the Sector you qalready have some carving fins.
    You want to see my inserts ? If you give me an email address I will send you some pictures.
    Best regards.


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