Airush Takes 3 out of 4 Podiums

Airush Takes 3 out of 4 Podiums

May 21 2012 / 0 comments

Another great event for Airush Pro riders Alex Pastor, Bruna Kajiya, and Katja Roose!  All sitting at the very top of the podium.

In very sporadic conditions, from sun to hale, the 2012 O’Neill PKRA Holland event put all riders to the test to truly label them as World Tour Racers and Freestylers.  A mixture of light and moderate onshore wind with the matching swell and current made riders experience, know-how, and technique essential in order to keep ahead o the rest.

Alex Pastor was able to climb the ladder of 24 competitors to land him in the usual top 4 positions that he has sat in for the past 2 years.  These final four spots are where the big players in the circuit usually pull out their most advanced and consistent tricks.  Alex, riding his Razor Team and boots with his FS 140, was able to remained powered up against riders like Stefan Spiessberger and Alberto Rondina in his winners final.

Bruna Kajiya in the womens freestyle was showing extreme comfort in the varying winds.  Riding in her boots and FS 135, Bruna matched her powered tricks with strategy,making sure she picked the right locations to do her maneuvers in the choppy conditions.  Bruna Kajiya spends plenty of time training in these type of difficult conditions knowing that the PKRA puts them to the test to truly show if they are number 1 in the world.  Obviously in the past 3 events, Bruna has shown that she can handle what is thrown at her and still maintains her top number 1 ranking overall for the 2012 season.  Congrats Bru!


2011 Course Racing World Champion, Katja Roose, showed that she was the top female and also out-doing many of the male riders on the course.  Taking first place in almost all of the races, Katja was able to navigate the lulls of the course that many of the competitors fell into and ultimately could not complete.  This is her 2nd win and stands at number 1 in the overall ranks!  Riding the Monaro V4 and VXR, Katja is ready for the next stop in France.

Honorable mentions go to Airush Pro riders Asia Litwin who grabbed 4th  and local Bas Koole making into the main event for freestyle.  Oswald Smith the youngest team rider was unfortunately stopped out in the prelims but he has gained plenty of experience.  As a multi displine rider, Oswald Smith competed in the racing event as the youngest racer.  He managed to hold a 7th place out-doing many riders that were 2 or 3 times his age.   Rolf Van Der Vlugt had a great run in his races, landing him 2nds and 4ths until he made a few key critical mistakes causing him to be disqualified.   This brought him down to an 8th place mark.  A huge congrats to all the Airush Team riders during this event!


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