Airush Team dominates Single Elimination

Airush Team dominates Single Elimination

March 31 2012 / 0 comments

The 2012 season is in full swing with extremely exciting results by our Airush team riders.  With new judging formats starting at the end of last year, all competitors had the off season to train and understand the new format.  Airush Pro Team riders, Alex Pastor and Bruna Kajiya both grabbed first place on the podium during the single elimination while riding in boots.  A first for Bruna Kajiya but seeming quite standard with Alex now-a-days.  Airush International rider, Asia Litwin of Poland recently added to the team (check out her video!)  spent some time in Australia to train on the perfect conditions of Perth.  This has obviously brought her some good results as she stands right next to Bruna at second place.  All riding the 2012 Airush Razor, get your hands on one at your local Airush retailer!

An honorable mention goes out to Airush Brasil rider, Set Texeira who also is spending time in boots making it through the trials.  He will have another opportunity to climb the ladder to join his team mate!

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