Bas Master Class | How-to Back to Blind

Bas Master Class | How-to Back to Blind

November 08 2011 / 0 comments

To learn this trick you need to be able to do an unhooked Back Roll and a steady Railey To Blind, this is because a Back To Blind is a combination of those two tricks. Keep your kite during the whole trick at an angle of 45 degrees. It’s important that you have speed, because this will help you to do this trick in a fluent movement.

Edge long to keep control of your body during the take off and pop off like a normal unhooked Back Roll. Let your body invert more than during a normal unhooked Back Roll, because this will help you turning “back to blind“.

After you made the complete Back Roll rotation it’s time to turn to blind. Let go of your back hand and turn your front hand behind your back towards the water. During the movement to blind push your front hand on your back, this will help you to complete the rotation and will give you stability with the landing.

As soon as you land keep pushing your front hand against your back and keep riding towards your kite. Now you can easy pass the bar and complete the trick.

* If you have problems with keeping the kite at an angle of 45 degrees, grab the bar with your front hand pointing finger and middle finger around the depower line.



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