Bas Master Class | How-to Front Mobe to Blind

Bas Master Class | How-to Front Mobe to Blind

November 09 2011 / 0 comments

The Front Mobe to Blind is a Front Roll with a back side Handle Pass landed Blind. To land this trick you need to be fast, know how to do a Front Mobe and your Blind landings need to be safe.

You need some time in the air, in the beginning you can put your kite a bit higher than with your normal Front Mobe. Be fast and make sure that you have your second hand on the bar again as soon as possible.

The take off is the same as for a normal Front Mobe, so don’t change anything in that. The big change starts when you grab your second hand on the bar again, normally you would stop the rotation now to land heel side. Now keep on rotating in the movement so that you will turn fluently to Blind when you come out of the Front Mobe.

Don’t hesitate when you make the last 180 degrees rotation to Blind. Pull your legs in to rotate faster and to gain some more time before you land. As soon as you land push the bar on your back, to get a steady Blind landing.

* If you have problems that your kite is flying over 12 o’clock when you try to land Blind, than let go of your back hand after the Front Mobe as soons as you have your front hand on the bar again.



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