Bas Master Class | How-to KGB

Bas Master Class | How-to KGB

November 08 2011 / 0 comments

The KGB is one of the four powered inverted handle passes, like the Slim Chance, Front Mobe and Back Mobe. The step before the KGB is the Back To Blind with air pass. After you have your Back To Blind with air pass dialed in, than you are ready for the KGB. Instead of landing toe side after a Back to Blind with air pass, you need to land heel side for the KGB. To complete the last 180 degrees rotation is what is making the KGB a hard trick.

Like all the other powered handle passes it’s important that you have speed and your kite at an angle of 45 degrees. Unhook fast and don’t wait to long with popping off.

Edge hard to get a explosive take off, what will help you invert your body. Take off for a backwards rotation and let your body invert, don’t rotate that far as you would do for a Back To Blind.

At the moment you go for the pass let go of your back hand and stretch your back leg to start the rotation.

After you passed the bar pull your front leg in to complete the last 180 degrees rotation and bring your front hand back to the bar.

* If you have problems with keeping the kite at one position or at an angle of 45 degrees, grab the bar with your front hand pointing finger and middle finger around the depower line.




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