Local Rider Profile – Jake Moore

Local Rider Profile – Jake Moore

November 22 2011 / 0 comments




How long have you been kiting

6 years. I started in Tarifa.


Where are you from

I live in Essex in the south


What videos/podcasts etc are you watching before a session

I love to watch any videos which are pumping and mad, like Ruben Lenten mega loops, or something from Alex Pastor really technical depending on the conditions


Top 5 songs on your playlist on iPod?

Bliss n Eso- Coastal Kids

Hilltop hoods – Chase that feeling

Collie Buddz – Blind to you

M.I.A – Paper Planes

Hilltop Hoods – Nosebleed Section


Favorite Conditions

I have 2 perfect conditions.  I have flat water and perfect 9 meter weather where I can be technical or stormy huge waves and over powered on my 7 and just boosting.
When not kiting, what are you doing? making music, cruising, partying etc? When Im not kiting I love to make things like I am getting a slider ready for next year and a kicker.  I also enjoy surfing and longboarding.


Do you have a blog

I use to write about what im doing


Whats your favorite website to check out when you’re bored


Top Kiteboard website


Whats your gear line up

At the moment I ride the 7,9,11 meter Razor which are perfect kites with a 135 FS board and soon going to get the FS park for the rails and kickers next year.

Favorite Spot?  My best spot has to be Clacton on the sea at a mid tide.  You can have perfect wind with flat water and then go 50 meters up wind and have waves best of both worlds.

Where do you ride on vacation

I try and travel to different places and experience different cultures, but next holiday will be in Margrita off of Venzula for 1 month in the winter to keep training


Any comps

I have done comps for 1 year now, my best result was 1st in Blackpool for the BKSA


What are you learning this month

Right now I like to learn more than 1 thing at a time, so I don’t get bored of crashing from the same trick, I am learning s-bend pass, slim chance and low mobe.



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