Local Rider Profile – Jake Higgins

Local Rider Profile – Jake Higgins

November 28 2011 / 0 comments

Someone sent me Jake Higgins video several days ago and we knew we had to do a profile to see what he was all about.  The video showed not just kitesurfing but all aspects of what the lifestyle brings from music to skateboarding to surfing and simply just having fun.  Everyone is so caught up in the hype or tech but it seems Jake really knows what kiting is all about…it’s fun!

Jake Higgins

Age?  19

How long have you been kiting?   18 months

Where are you from?   Prestwick – Scotland

What videos/podcasts etc are you watching before a session?  I like to watch kite movies before I head out, any videos that contain kitesurfing or surfing inspire me to learn, especially the videos of the top British riders, James Bouldings edits in particular.

Top 5 songs on your playlist on iPod?  Music is everything.. I love all kinds of music. Aussie  hiphop is where it’s at.

  1. Keep your head up – Ben Howard
  2. Certificate – Hilltop Hoods
  3. What a feeling – Collie Buddz
  4. Stir it up – Bob Marley
  5. Rapunzel – Drapht

Favorite conditions – Stacked on the 7 meter, cross on wind, cold winter swell with flat sections inbetween and a good crowd of dudes to enjoy it with.

When not kiting, what are you doing?  When I’m not kiting I like to play the drums, go surfing, party, chill with my mates, spend time with my ‘bird’ ;) and just enjoy life.  I’ve Lived beside the beach ever since I’ve been in the mothers womb so I’m always down there stoating about. Im also an instructor at my local kite spot

Do you have a blog?  Nap

Whats your favorite website to check out when you’re bored?  Magicseaweed, ontheloose, for kite/surf movies and ehhhh…no comment!

Top Kiteboard website?

Whats your gear line up? 2012 Airush Razor 7/9/11  2012 Airush FS 135 board

Geared up with the new 2012 stuff!!

Favorite Spot?   My local spots are always going to be my favourite, on the west coast of Scotland we have some pretty sick beaches to kite at: Troon/Barassie/Prestwick. Tiree is also a favourite of mine, that place is rocking.

(My local spot at Barassie)
Where do you ride on vacation? I’ve not travelled much out of Scotland in the past but I’m now out in Australia for 6 months so getting to ride at many class different spots. Sessioning at Safety bay, Point walter, Woodmans point and many more.    Aussie boom

Any comps?
I competed twice in the BKSA Mens am’s this year, I did pretty shit to be honest, first time competing so I wasn’t too hot at it..  Was a good learning experience and getting to session with some epic riders is always a good way to learn.    I will be taking next year more seriously and competing in all the events.

BKSA Ayr – Mens Ams 2011

What are you learning this month? Just now I am learning blind judge 3’s and kiteloop passes.  Just trying to get some more air passes down, more technical tricks. After my 6 months out in Oz I hope to improve a lot and add a lot more tricks to the bag, having the opportunity to ride out here in perfect conditions, and with very good kiters will help boost my riding for sure, happydays..   yew x


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