Local Rider Profile – Matthieu (Matt) Ribat

Local Rider Profile – Matthieu (Matt) Ribat

March 26 2012 / 0 comments
One of the major faces of Airush France, Matthieu Ribat is the person who handles the day-to-day of the brand in the largest European market.  Although he spends so much time working on the brand, Matthieu makes some time to get out and ride!
My name is Matthieu Ribat.  I am 24 years Old and I live in Marseile, France (which is in the South).  It’s a great place to kite!
What videos or podcasts gets you fired up for a session?
I check out the webcam of my local spot the most!

Top 5 Songs on your playlist right now?

What are your favorite conditions to kite?
17-20 knots flatwater or 25 knots with 1.5m side shore swell

Who is your favorite Airush rider?  
Alex Pastor!

Craziest or Best Move you have ever pulled? (Kiting not Dancing)
Backmobe and a flat 3

What food fills your belly best before a kite session and keeps you going?
Tartiflette with good Vacqueyras (We had to google this. It looks insane!)

When the wind and your kite are down, what are you doing?  Surfing, making beats, cruising, etc?
Playing Guitar, Squash, Spearfishing, Golf

Do you run your own blog?  What is it?
Yes, I run the Airush France blog – check it out! :

What Airush gear are you currently on?
I am riding the Protoy 135 and the Varial X.  It’s a great combination for my area

Where is the best place to kite away from home?
New Caledonia definitely. (We can’t blame you)

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