Local Shop Check – Ocean Extreme Sports – USA

Local Shop Check – Ocean Extreme Sports – USA

November 23 2011 / 0 comments


The Run Down


Ocean Extreme Sports, also known as Extreme Kites, opened on November 17th, 2001 in a little 650 sq ft store. Business at our first store grew fast, so we relocated to a bigger shop within a year. Our new 1500 sq ft shop quickly became one of the biggest kite shops in the country. Our store was crowded with gear and our three phone lines were ringing off the hook. Our in-house web guys increased our online presence and developed a premier kiteboarding website, but we still needed more floor space. The bike shop next door decided to close, so we grabbed our sledgehammers, knocked out the walls dividing the two stores and took over the entire building. Since March 2008, we’ve had over 4500 sq ft of space and thousands of different kite products. We pride ourselves on quality customer service, we ship things the same day as they are ordered, and we never close the shop to kite!

How long have they been selling Airush?
We’ve been selling Airush since they began in 2002.

Who runs the show at Ocean Extreme Sports?
Daryl Drown – Owner
Kristen Drown – Owner
Brian Miller – Web / Sales / Tech Support
Rob Autrey – Sales / Kite Specialist
Tony Malara – Sales / Instructor

Whats the hardest part of owning/running a shop?
Kiteboarding is a very small industry. Running one of the oldest brick n mortar kiteboarding shops in the country is much more work than people imagine. The hardest part is competing with ‘trunk salesmen’ and ‘fly by night’ shops. We have to rely on the kite companies to do their part. Airush is one of the best at choosing dealers wisely and supporting them.

What do you give back to the kite community? Any events, parties etc?
This year we’ve thrown 2 shop parties with music, food and giveaways.

We also hold demos throughout the season so people can try new gear and get together.


Be sure to check out the updated Ocean Extreme Sports website coming out this week!



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