Oswald Smith stands on all 3 podiums

Oswald Smith stands on all 3 podiums

December 21 2011 / 1 comment

This past weekend Airush International and South African 15 year old, Oswald Smith, jumps on the podium for all 3 disciplines!

Race (1st Place), Freestyle (1st Place) and Wave (2nd Place) all done in a 4 day span with optimal conditions for all. The SAKT (South African Kite Tour) stopped one of the premium kite destinations in the country, Langebaan.

Oswald was using a prototype raceboard (not shown) and Varial X Race kites.

Oswald is known by all as a fierce competitor but also a youth with an immense amount of talent and style.  In each discipline there were many individual competitors that practice strictly on their speciality.  An average kite day for Ozzie is a brief race training, followed by an intense freestyle session and as the sun goes down he finishes with a play in the waves.

Oswald was using a FS Team 135 and Razor Team kites.

South Africa is blessed with endless amounts of variety in conditions which allows this type of tour to include such a range of disciplines.  This is why Airush RnD calls Cape Town home.

Oswald was using the Compact 5’6 and Razor Team Kites




  1. Hossam
    March 12 2012

    Thank you for posting this video! It was our aanunl Snow Queens event held every year at this time! We get together and have a fun fly at Garry point! Some of us came from Vancouver Island just to fly kites for the weekend with our fellow kite enthusiasts on the main land!!!


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