What is the Sector One Design? FAQ

What is the Sector One Design? FAQ

November 16 2011 / 0 comments

The past few months Airush has been preparing to release the Sector One Design class.  

Based off the success of the Sector 60 V2, we felt that this would be the ideal board to bring out for this type of circuit. 

Below are the current FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) that have come across our desks.


Can you give us a bit of background on the Sector One?

The Sector One is the first one design race class introduced to kiteboarding, the design is identical to our current Sector 60 V2. The concept behind the board is to have a product that can be used within open racing formats, with the goal to place the focus on the riders’ performance instead of equipment performance only.


The design focus of the Sector resulted in a product that is competitive upwind, perform exceptionally in light wind, but remains controllable enough to use on a full speed reach in 25 knots. Basically something that is extremely fast, but fun enough to use even when you are not racing.


Is this class specifically for Course Racing?

No, we use the term open racing formats to describe everything from upwind course racing to slalom or long distance. We wanted to ensure that we offered a product that can perform across all these parameters.


Why did you choose the Sector as the platform for the One Design Class?

This was primarily due to the versatility of the design coupled with the broad acceptance of the Sector V2. The key was to have the product that could be used in most open racing formats and importantly, still be fun to use when not racing.


Do you need experience to ride a Sector One Design?

Although it always helps to have experience, the Sector One Design is an exact replica of the Sector 60 V2 which has gained massive awareness of a user friendly board compared to dedicated upwind oriented race boards.


I have a Sector 60 V1, Can I compete in the Sector One Design class?

Based on a one-board-for-all layout we could only select the Sector 60 V2 as the most current model to compete with the Sector One Design to have an even class.


Do the Sector One Design board update every year like the rest of the Sector board range?

The Sector One Design board will not change for 2 years (Aug 2011 – Aug 2013) allowing for more competitors to join throughout the seasons and avoiding riders to update their equipment every 6-12 months.



Do you think the class should have specific kites for the race events? 

At this stage no, our goal is get as many people as possible racing and there is not a single kite model that we feel would fit this requirement at this stage.


What can I change on my equipment but still be able race?

The idea with one design racing is that the focus is on the rider and not the gear. So any performance modification would undermine this concept.


Where will I find updated information about local Sector One Design races?

We run a weekly result report and blog at, please check it out for further info.


How can I start my own Sector One Design race?

The Sector One design program was developed to be raced within current race events wherever possible. So you can join any race and get other involved with whoever has the Sector One Design, or Sector 60 V2, and start racing each other.  If you are interested in having your local retailer, local event, or sailing club involved please inquire at



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